How many times have you heard Shop Local Buy Blytheville? Most of us do when we can, but Discover Blytheville is literally buying BLYTHEVILLE this year. We have bought the keyword BLYTHEVILLE on Google.


Any time someone searches for Blytheville, Arkansas, they will be served an ad directing them to our website. You want your business links on this page to increase your rankings. This is high quality, directed traffic of potential customers who are already interested in Blytheville, Arkansas.


Your audience has moved from using traditional media. Now, you need the ability to be in the palm of their hand on their phone. Not only does our website get incredible daily traffic, which is targeted traffic visiting our site due to local posts on social media, shares and notifications, we have the ability to reach that audience directly in their notifications.

Whether you have a current website that needs more local traffic or need a website built. We can take care of you.

Here's How We Can Help Your Business Grow

Rotating Banner That Links To Your Website Or Facebook Page

Look at the top of this page and you'll see the rotating banner ad. This banner links to your website or Facebook page.

Business Listing On Classified Page

The Forum section is home to FREE Classifieds and business Listings. Post sale flyers, pics, videos and information about your business. Whether you sign up for a paid plan or not, come get your FREE Business Listing. Click here.

Business Directory Listing

Whether you have a brick and mortar business or work from home selling Avon, take a look at our Business Directory. It will feature a pic of your business with a brief description, your address and phone number, plus your Facebook page profile pic that links to your page. You'll also receive a link to your website.

Book Appointments 

If you run a business that relies on appointments but can never keep track of them easily, we have an online booking solution for you. This is perfect for beauty shops, doctors offices, dentists, etc...

Online Coupons

One great way to get customers through the door or to your website or Facebook page is by offering coupons. This isn't a great option for everyone, but if it's right for you, we can do it. Our coupons are shareable on social media platforms, which will spread your brand and your offer even further.

Online Store

Do you sell a physical product and want to sell it online? Get your own online store and list up to 30 products. We'll do all the work. Each product is shareable on social media platforms , leading to more sales. You can also sell memberships, classes, tanning sessions, etc. Let us know what we can help you sell to make your business grow.

Dedicated Keywords

Get a dedicated Business Page and we'll optimize it with the best keywords to get high-quality traffic right to your website. Our pages are crawled by Google and by Facebook several times each day. Link your page with ours and watch your website traffic increase.


Birthday Club

Our users and subscribers have joined our Birthday Club, which sends them special offers on their birthday. So, if you're a restaurant, you could offer a free meal on their birthday or a discount. If you're a retail shop, you could offer them a percentage off. Go join our Birthday Club and see what you get for your birthday.

Menus for Restaurants

Put your restaurant's menu on our website. We'll be working with area restaurants one at a time to get them all on here. Take a look at what we're doing with Turtley Sauced Pizzeria.

Online Ordering from Menus

Get your menu online and then take orders from the website. Delivery will be happy to handle your delivery requests. 

SEO for your Business page

We'll optimize your business page with the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keywords to drive traffic to your site. This will work in coordination with your Dedicated keyord.

Spotify Radio Ads 

Whether you already have a radio commercial or need one made from scratch, we can help you and place your radio ad on local radio or on Spotify. Set your own budget with a minimum of $250 per month. 

Go Live From Your Business

Having a big sale? Need to raise awareness at your business? Discover Blytheville will show up and Go Live across our website and social media platforms. The advantage to Go Live is the fact that it can be watched again and shared.

Pre-Roll Video Ads

We have a wide array of videos featured in our Video Gallery. If your business already has a TV commercial, we can show that commercial to our viewers when they click on any video. They will see your ad before their video plays. If you need a video commercial made, we can produce that for you, too.

Link To Your Existing Website 

Get your website featured in our Around Town tab. We'll put a featured link in this section with directed traffic right to your webpage or Facebook page.

Need A Website

Is it time your business had a website or your current website is out of date and needs a makeover? We're your folks. We currently work with some great local merchants like Temps Plus Staffing, Burge's Boots, Westminster Village, 1st Choice Realty, Real Estate Transfer Services, Family Eye Care, Main Street Blytheville and Thunder Country 96.3. Our websites start at $100 per month. Please email us and we'll set up a meeting about your site.

Social Media Blast

You'll get a Social Media Blast across our social platforms on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat and more with every campaign you run with us.